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    I was in Boston for 6 months last year and paid a sizable amount of tax. I have since filed my US tax returns and am set to get a few thosand dollars back in the comming weeks for the American IRS Tax body. I was wondering with the ERUO so strong at the moment what is the best way to cash this cheque. Cheques normally go stale after 90 days. I wouldn't even mind cahing this cheque into dollars and holding off converting it until the EURO fell a small bit, if this is possible????

    My only other option is that I willbe travelling to NY this summer for a week - so may be it is possible for one of the American banks to cash it for me and then I can spend it while in the states??? Do anyone know if American banks force you to cash cheques to your accounts first????

    Thanks as ever
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    One option I know you can take is to take it to the bank that issued it and they will cash it for you, without having an account there or anything. Or if you endorse it someone else can cash it for you at that bank.
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    Tax refunds are issued directly by the treasury department and not by a bank .Have it sent electronicaly to your bank once you have the account no. and routing no. if its not already too late
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    Be careful of speculating on the USD/EURO FX rate as well. While the Dollar is quite weak at the moment and it might look like it is near it's bottom many commentators see potential for it to weaken even further and stay that way for quite a while. Of course on the fundamentals many expected it already would have so they could be wrong again.