Unknownly bought a pyrite house after the Dec 2013 pyrite scheme cut off

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  1. Sean A

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    Hi All,

    I bought a house in 2014 which was built in 2006 but didn't I know had pyrite. At the time I got credited surveyor to survey the house and he didn't see any signs of pyrite.

    The bank also sent an experienced local valuer in the area he didn't see anything amiss.

    In 2016, I got told by a neighbour that a few houses in the 34 house estate were showing signs of pyrite . I didn't worry at the time firstly.. because my house hadn't shown any signs of pyrite and second I thought that if anything did develop that id be covered by the pyrite redress board.

    In 2017 I started noticing cracks developing above doors.. etc etc and after doing research into the pyrite redress scheme I discovered that

    Where a person purchased a dwelling on or after 12 December 2013, that person is not entitled to apply for inclusion of the dwelling in the Scheme where he/she knew or ought to have known that the dwelling was constructed using hardcore containing reactive pyrite.”

    Is anyone in a similar situation or aware of someone who is?

    I didn't knowingly buy a house with pyrite and I done all I could at the time from a buyers point of view ie getting he house surveyed etc.

    has anyone heard of any other cases similar to this?


    Sean A
  2. Sean A

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    Did anyone have to accept exclusions from the home insurance provider based on having pyrite. My home insurance policy is up for renewal and I informed the insurance company and they will provide cover at the same cost but will exclude insuring me against subsidance.

    Is this normal practise?
  3. PGF2016

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    Have you done an laboratory pyrite test? If not then how can you be sure you definitely have a pyrite issue?
  4. Sean A

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    I have a category 2 scoring in a visual inspection carried out. Other houses in my estate have had a core text done and came back positive.
  5. Elgib09

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    Hi Sean, we are in the exact same position. The only answer I have been given is to sue my surveyor. Did you receive anymore information on this?
  6. Leo

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    What was the scope of the survey you undertook? Did it cover a full-on investigation of the history or was it limited, as most are, to a visual inspection?
  7. Seagull

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    You have no case against the surveyor given that you didn't ask for a core sample, and it was another 3 years before you started noticing cracks.

    Do you know when the first indication was of any pyrite in the estate, or whether the estate was added to the pyrite list?
  8. david2008

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    Is anyone knows what should we do ? I bought a house 2015. Now is problem starts .