Unemployment benefit after 2 years working part time


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My wife has been working part time for the past 2 and a half years (around 20 hours per week). My question is what is she entitled to claim from the state (or can she claim from the state) as it looks like she is going to have to give up work due to illness. Many thanks


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I assume that your wife was paying PRSI and if so she would be entitled to Illness Benefit but she should check and see what level of contribution she was paying as only PRSI contributions paid at class A, E, H and P count towards Illness Benefit. If she quallifies the amount she would get would depend on her average earnings. If she earned in excess of €300 she would get the full amount of €198.00 . For earnings between €220 and€ 230 per week she would get €155.00 and for earnings of €150 the payment would be €127.80 and for earnings less than €150 the payment would be €88.90. She should apply anyway and see what happens.