Ultrasonic devices to get rid of mice do they work?

Discussion in 'Homes and gardens' started by Bamhan, Nov 10, 2006.

  1. Bamhan

    Bamhan Frequent Poster

    We recently had a visit from an unwelcome mouse, and I set traps to catch him and also plugged in two of those ultrasonic mouse deterrrant devices.
    No sign of said mouse since.....

    Wishful thinking?

    Or do these devices actually work?

    I am a bit sceptical about them.
  2. demoivre

    demoivre Frequent Poster

    We have one of those ultrasound devices and have had the odd mouse in our place over the years - that said the device we have is five or six years old so perhaps the more modern ones are more effective.
  3. polo9n

    polo9n Guest

    yeah mate...i wouldn't be 100% with the ultrasonic thingy...
    if i were u i will investigate how the mouse got into the house..maybe a hole near the boiler? or hole somewhere? even a long open patio door can be the casue..
  4. Cahir

    Cahir Frequent Poster

    Useless. Fill all gaps with expandable foam and get poison.
  5. ney001

    ney001 Frequent Poster

    we have one of these - the most important thing is to put it in a central part of the house - we originally had it plugged in by a back door but it had no effect at the front of the house. I reckon they work

    CCOVICH Frequent Poster

    They have been discussed quite a few times before on AAM.
  7. Leo

    Leo Moderator

    Indeed they have, see the Key Post on Mice/Rats. Jury seems to be out on these. I reckon the only way to know for sure would be to observe a mouse's reaction when one of these devices is switched on in its vicinity; easier said than done though. :)
  8. Jo90

    Jo90 Frequent Poster

    pretty useless in my opinion as we got one to test and did not deter mice last year.

    get a cat or mouse traps tend to work. at least with mouse trap you know how effective it has or has not been !
  9. polo9n

    polo9n Guest

    yes..u can get those mouth trap from Atlantic with a fake cheese on it..they are pretty good.i reckon its filed mouse , not rats thats in ur house?
  10. ClubMan

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  11. Bamhan

    Bamhan Frequent Poster

    Sounds like a waste of time then.
    Thanks for that.

    So far have only seen one mouse, he set off the trap, left a goof bit of blood beside the trap but no sign of him despite moving furniture etc to try to locate him.

    Droppings in press under the sink, I cannot see how they are getting in from outside other than through the water outlet pipe and into the sink.

    Is this possible?
  12. polo9n

    polo9n Guest

    yes big time..exatcly how they come into my house..try to put a board say 15 cm high so they can#t climb thru if not blocking the passage completly...i don't like poison...if they die between the ceiling the smell.nasty
  13. Dreamerb

    Dreamerb Frequent Poster

    Plus if you have kids - well, they can get into just about anything. I can lend you a spare cat!!
  14. polo9n

    polo9n Guest

    so the conclusion is the old method..mouse trap...get those 2 packs fro Atlantic with a big yellow fake cheese on it..they are damn good...
  15. tosullivan

    tosullivan Frequent Poster

    I think they are useless also. We got one for Rats for the back garden and it didn't seem to affect them whatsoever. Now the old fashioned rat trap was a different matter......SNAP...!!!!!!!

    A bit of frankfurter smeared with Nutella....GOTCHA...!!!!!!!!
  16. polo9n

    polo9n Guest

    i think they are good for indoor...for outdoor? the rain will dampen the wood and rust so the trap will not work...
    u can buy a big trap from Woodies the size of a shoe box which can last all weather...so theres a different for indoor and outdoor use mate!
  17. polo9n

    polo9n Guest

    wooo....they are only tresspassing thru ur garden..don't be so territorial dude!
  18. Cahir

    Cahir Frequent Poster

    According to a professional pest company I had out a few weeks ago, mice won't smell if they die in the ceilings/walls but rats will. The main access point in my house seemed to be the gas pipes.
  19. polo9n

    polo9n Guest

    anyway u don't want to see a dead mice in ur walldrope! or oon top of ur boxers!!!ha
  20. GeneralZod

    GeneralZod Frequent Poster

    Maybe the ultrasound device only works on the teenage mice like its human equivalent. Mosquito Ring Tone