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    My understanding is that in order to get cloned they need to see you enter your pin. They do this by placing a camera above the pin pad. Quite simply cover your pin pad when entering the pin. The reason we get this is because people are too busy talking while doing this and not concentrating on what they are doing. So how about this: What are the people whose card got cloned doing about it ? IMO people who don't cover the pin pad are akin to people walking down the road with a 50 euro note on the plam of one hand while talking to your mate on the phone on the other. Then when someone snatches it and they blame the bank for giving them the fifty in the first place. Jeeeze
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    If that is your view, then you may be best served to stop using all ATMs now before you card is cloned - as I believe every machine in the country has been "hit" and probably on multiple occassions.
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    I never use on street atm, even ones outside banks. They are most likely ones to be hit.
    I cant believe banks camt come up witj a safer atm.

    I always use in branch or in store ones, preferably those covered by cctv. Not 100% foolproof... i think atm in stephens green sc was hit in the past.
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    Our branch has CCTV camera looking at the machine, I thought this was normal