Ulster Ulster Bank Appeal Help Please


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I received my appeal pack from Ulster Bank today. I am appealing the amount of compensation which was approx 8% of the amount they stole from me over a 10 year period.

My grounds for appeal are:
I was unable to afford to have children during those 10 years and am now undergoing costly fertility treatment due to being 10 years older. So far I have spent approximately €5,000 but this will rise.

I underwent a year and a half of counselling for stress and anxiety for which I have receipts. Total cost was €2,400.

I attended a dermatologist when my psoriasis got so bad from stress that I lost a significant amount of hair. I don't have paperwork but imagine the hospital can provide files if required or my GP will have the referral letter on record.

I have incurred a ridiculous amount of charges on my current account over the years for being overdrawn etc which I intend to add up and include as part of the appeal.

When things were at their absolute worst (overpaying by €600 some months) I used a debt management company to negotiate on my behalf with my creditors to enter payment arrangements with my personal bank (not Ulster bank) and credit card. As a result my credit rating went through the floor.

I contacted Ulster Bank on several occasions during that time trying to reduce my payments and ended up adding years onto my mortgage as a result. This means that my mortgage won't be repaid until I am 70.

During the 10 years I was being overcharged I had to take on a second job for an extra 5 hours per week to try to make ends meet. I have p60s and my p45 as proof of that.

I also had to rent out two rooms in my house to complete strangers to help cover the costs of the mortgage and additional loans which I would not have needed had I been paying the correct rate all along. I declared this income on tax returns under the rent a room scheme.

The procedural rules accompanying the form ask that I provide, if possible, a specific amount of additional compensation. I can cobble together a figure based on actual financial losses as a result of their theft. However I have no idea how much to include for non-financial losses (the biggest one being having to wait 10 years to start a family and running into age related fertility issues as a result).

Can anyone suggest what I should include? I can't afford to spend hugr amounts of money on independent financial advice. The redress and compensation has been spent on clearing debts, fertility treatments and doing some much needed work to the house that I couldn't afford.


First write all the points you mention above in bullet points on seperate page to the form and just state refer to enclosed. Don't use words like stole or robbed.