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    I left school and worked for three years in Ireland,then went to uk to find work ,found work and a family was raised ,am now a pensioner on a uk pension ,recently moved back to ireland ,(the North) and am looking at possibility of either transferring my entitlement to that of an irish pension,is the north of ireland considered as being resident in ireland or the uk or is it whatever you want it to be (i can never keep up with the political side of things!).
    Have all my info regarding pps number and social security number just unsure if I am entitled to anything,
    any advice gratefully received.
  2. Gerry Canning

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    The North for pensions is UK registered only so your UK work pension is therefore solely UK and cannot be transferred to ROI .

    If you have not got the max UK pension , you can very probably use the 3 years you worked in ROI to increase your UK pension.