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Discussion in 'Brexit' started by biddy123, 26 Feb 2019.

  1. marzic

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    No it is the case, in my case - I can understand the questions i get asked by the words that they use!
    Thank you, this is helpful, I was not given this info but I didnt specifically ask for that assurance
  2. huskerdu

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    But, even if they worded the question " How long have you had your license", they more than likely, really want to know " How long have you had a valid license?".

    The full and accurate answer in either case is " I have an Irish license since xxx, but I have had a UK License for 15 years prior to that".
  3. newtothis

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    Exactly, but I don't think they expect such a pedantic answer. What they want to know is how long have you held a full Irish or UK license. Answer: 10 years, or whatever it is.
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    See the ads from NDLS in this week-end's Irish papers (bottom of page 11 in the IT)