Trouble with payment off capital - Haven Mortgages

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    I would appreciate some help.

    We've a mortgage with Haven and we received an inheritance and tried to pay some money off the capital.

    It's been an absolute pain.

    No one in Haven, seems to have a clue.

    We called in late June and were told: Pop into an EBS branch and make the transfer there.

    We went into a branch and were told "We have nothing to do with Haven, we can't help you've been misinformed".

    It was pretty bloody embarrassing.

    So we called again and they said we would need to post in a cheque or bank draft.

    I asked, as our account number is the last few digits of our IBAN, if we can just transfer to that online would it be ok.

    We were told Yes, then no, then I don't know, finally no.

    So we posted the bank draft and wrote the letter asking for the cash to be taken off our capital and a reduction in our monthly repayments (I read the letter out to a Haven employee on the phone to make sure it covered all the bases).

    They received the letter (registered post) on the 30th (4 days after I posted it 1 km away, but that's another story :p).

    Then this week things went crazy. The old full amount was taken from my account by direct debit.

    So I called them up to find out what was going on and was told.

    The money was pushed in our account as credit but not deducted from our outstanding capital.

    I was told that the normal amount was deducted from our 'credit'. Essentially we've paid this month twice.

    I was told that I should have sent a letter in with my intent with the bank draft.

    When I inform the teller that we had done that. The teller look through their system and found the letter.

    They then apologised for the letter not being actioned and raised a ticket to have it actioned.

    When I asked about why we were charged twice I was told they would look into it. OK.

    I asked would we be getting the excess we paid back (would be a few hundred euro) I was told no.

    We did not get the bank draft through in time apparently.

    We had been told it would take 24 business hours earlier.

    Our account was calculated on the 1st though the payment would not go out til a week later.

    But as our bank draft had been cashed 48 business hours earlier, my understanding was we should see our repayment drop immediately.

    I was told that I had been informed incorrectly and it takes more than 48 hours.

    When I asked how long it took I was informed that the teller did not know.

    Which makes no sense, if you don't know how can you know that it is more than 48 hours?

    We've been kicked from pillar to post by these guys. Is there anywhere we can get help?

    We would really appreciate any advice.
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    What date was the amount lodged to your account, and what date was your payment due?
  3. Deimos

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    Cash received on the 30th of July.
    Payment due to go out 7th but the Haven person said that is calculated on the 1st.