"trillion dollar Capital Group continues dump of Irish stocks"


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Read the above article in todays Business Post. Interesting enough. While comment on individual stocks is not permitted. As a pure amateur in the shares game the companies been dumped by Capital seem to be recommended both domestically and internationally by well respected pickers.
Would like to know what some of the more learned posters feel about Capitals dumping of Irish shares?


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I have been tracking a well known company in Ireland with a view to investing a decent chunk in them. A broker's note last week suggested a buy tag and a suggestion that they will reach £31 per share. Currently £23 per share.

I know that Friday was not a good day for the markets but this particular share rose initially and then dropped back. The turnaround on the day was £1.

So it seems that on the one hand these shares are being recommended while on the other massive amounts are being dumped?

Brendan Burgess

The truth is that different analysts and different investors reach the opposite conclusions on the same share.

I wouldn't be worried that Capital or anyone else is selling Ireland. Nor would I be buying because an Irish broker recommended buying Ireland.

It's just noise.

One of them will be right eventually.