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    10 days ago my husband fell down the stairs while on holiday and broke his wrist, hospitalised had an op, is very bruised, bad bump on head. We are now facing a 24-hour flight home.

    On his fit to fly form the hospital doctor said my husband required upgraded seating to have more space and access to a larger bathroom for toileting assistance. The travel insurance company rejected this request as unnecessary and my husband will stay in economy. If the flight was 4 hours I wouldn't have an issue my concern is 24 hours in an economy seat.

    Reasonable? Or should I fight this and if so how, I have already escalated it with the insurer and they are sticking to their guns.

    Views appreciated, please be kind, we've been under a lot of stress.
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    You aren't going to have the ability to fight it correctly before getting home. Your best option would be pay for the upgrade if you feel its necessary and then try to make a complaint through the correct channels when you get home.

    Insurance company's view is likely to be he is either fit to fly or not. And then the upgraded seating is nice-to-have but not required per se.

    Did the doctor your husband could only fly subject to...... or is it just it would make life easier?
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    The question asked on the insurance form completed by the orthopaedic doctor was "does the patient require any special arrangements during the flight" there was a checkbox for "upgraded seating" the doctor ticked this and added a note saying assistance needed for eating and bathroom, the point being that it's difficult to fit 2 people into an economy bathroom.

    Unfortunately our credit card won't stretch to pay for business class and we've had to delay our trip again by a day because my husband got gastro since I lasted posted, ended up in an out of hours clinic with him throwing up, the insurance company wanted him to travel today, no way would I allow that, we paid to change the ticket to give him 24 hours to recover. At this stage we just want to get home and we'll make the best of economy.
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    Well I flew Business Class with Etihad recently and the toilets were the exact same size as those in the economy section.

    It is awful having to face in to a long flight with any type of sickness problems. It happened to me flying long haul and it was very stressful. I was also flying Business Class at the time and to be honest I was miserable. I just wanted to be at home.

    The best thing to do is to get him on the plane and count away the miles. I am sure that there are breaks in your 24 hour flight?
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    If you are back with the doc see if he can prescribe something as a once off to help the injured party sleep through the flight, it might save some stressful mometnts.
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    Ask the airline for an upgrade at the airport and mention why. They may well upgrade you for free.