Transfer TV licence?

Discussion in 'Consumer Issues and Rights' started by elkii, Sep 10, 2004.

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    Just had a quick look on the An Post website but can't see any info about tv licence. We got our renewal in the post today but are moving in about 6 weeks time. Can we transfer the licence? If not, I assume there is no point paying the annual fee as we'll have to pay it again in 6 weeks! Thing is, I assume we will get loads of TV licence reminders plus legal proceedings letters in the next 6 weeks??
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    > Can we transfer the licence?

    Yes - see OASIS:

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    Great..thanks a million!
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    I moved house but never bothered transferring the TV licence to the new address. They sent out the threatening letters to the old address and I rang them and explained I had moved.
    Girl said "fine, I'll knock you off the register".
    She never asked me for my new address?