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  1. dminor

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    Hi, my boss has told me that he wants me to train in a new employee to do my job if I get sick, I know this employee is on a lower wage and when I have him trained my boss will leave me go, can I refuse to train my replacement???
  2. cremeegg

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    Are you in permanent employment, have you completed any probationary period, if so how long ago.
  3. michaelm

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    Perhaps you're misreading the situation but there's probably little you can do either way. If it was me and I was confident that this was the employers plan then I'd just go along with it but immediately do all I could to find new employment.
  4. jjm

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    Is it an existing employee or a new hire, I have seen this in companys can be good,There are 2 existing employees trained to do my job on lower wages,They are on my wage if they are doing my job if I am away,
  5. mtk

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    I would do it ( you have no choice i think unless you have a strong unionised workforce,) but make a note of conversations etc,.... just in case you need it in future if they try to let you go