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Discussion in 'Tracker Redress' started by Jammbolge, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Jammbolge

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    my bank invited me to "fix my tracker in August 2008. They never advised a tracker couldn't be fixed and I was in effect being taken off my tracker. Shortly afterwards I made formal complains which were dismissed by the the bank. I also discovered the bank official I was dealing with at the time was not a QFA. I complained to the ombudsman who also dismissed the case as verbal interaction was not recorded. Last month without notice the the tracker was restored. What do I do ?
  2. MrBanks

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    Wait like the rest of us for the refund that you are due. Hopefully we will get it before the end of time! What bank is it?
  3. moneymakeover

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    Great news Jamm
    what bank were you with?