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I am look for some advice.
I am close to the end of the 1 year window to appeal compensation (need to submit next week) and can't decide whether to appeal as afraid of drawing attention to the mortgage in question. The main reason is that the 2nd mortgage which I got compensation for and which was moved back to tracker last year is a buy to let. I owned it myself since 2004 and then we bought our house which we live in since 2007. When my husband and I bought our home I had to declare the 1st property as rental and paid stamp duty for it also.
Our home mortgage was also moved back to tracker in 2016 and we were compensated for that! I am afraid that the bank will move this 2nd mortgage onto a different rate (buy to let) and ask for the compensation back. Has anyone else received redress for a buy to let and have they appealed compensation? I have many valid reasons to appeal including AIB extending my mortgage terms without my consent and refusing to accept that they were in the wrong.
Any help appreciated.
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