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    All very disheartening , that the terms of reference of investigations are not revealed of cb review , can it be got by foi ?freedom of information request or alternatively is their a case to be taken to Europe in relation to this , this might wake up the cb and the banks when this appalling situation gets beyond here , affecting reputation etc . Could either of these be pursued? I am ebs , could anyone let me know if you get ebs tracker back and how?
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    In my opinion the priority is for an effective review to be completed rather than the quality of information which the central bank is releasing throughout the review process. In my opinion, premature release of information can compromise the effectiveness of such reviews.
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    I do not agree with this - again it's excusing the CB for its abject failure in managing this.

    The CB found out about this issue c. 7 years ago. It is simply not acceptable that this debacle has dragged on for so long.
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    Ger Deering (FSO) is before the Finance Committee in the coming week.
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    True, while there is no concept of a class action in Ireland, there is this:

    Irish law makes no provision for class/collective actions. However, there are two procedures which in practice operate as a form of class/collective action. These procedures are:
    • Representative actions.
    • Test cases.
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    I am not a lawyer, but it sounds like it would be of no use to us.