Too many stickers on car windscreens restrict the view

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    As the title says.
    I see more and more the L sticker and N sticker applied to front and rear screens these days. Apart from the usual 3 discs, now the 2 large letters and probably the furry dice, this has to restrict the view on your average Nissan Micra.

    Ironically, these are the very drivers who need a very clear view.
    Surely, if the (N) driver, now has a younger sibling driving with the (L) plate now fixed to the vehicle, this should also cover the (N) driver.
    I can only assume, its there as a badge of honor to the (N) driver

    Most of these drivers, will be driving your average small car,and so this new restricted view becomes a lot more obvious, and puts the (L) driver at more of a disadvantage, to the front and rear view of the vehicle.
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    An excellent point.Perhaps smaller signage would be a compromise.
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    Or display the relevant plate for the relevant driver, and only that plate.
    L driver driving - show L plate
    N driver driving - show the N plate
    Full licence holder, i.e. parent - show no plate
    This is the law in Australia, and it is an offence to show the incorrect plate, and you will get stopped and fined!
    After all - it is the driver who is licenced, not the car.

    How are the guards to identify who is an L plate holder, N plate holder etc. if the car is festooned with both?
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    From the RSA website:

    ā€˜Lā€™ plates
    Attach them front and rear so that they are clearly visible. Place where it will not hamper visibility ā€“ tax, insurance and, if applicable, NCT discs should be on the windscreen.

    Front and rear to me does not mean on the glass.

    There was a discussion here about N & L plates: