Announcement tobacco up by 50 cents

Discussion in 'Budget 2017' started by Brendan Burgess, Oct 11, 2016.

  1. Brendan Burgess

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    And should reduce consumption

    €11 per 20.

    the only tax increase in today's budget.
  2. Leper

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    It doesn't matter if a packet of fags costs €11.00 or €50.00; all the smokers I know get all theirs abroad.

    I remember arguing on here for a huge reduction in the price of cigarettes where Irish coffers could get some tax as against nil tax as is.

    People are still smoking; thing is the Spanish Government is reeling in taxes that could be Irish.
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  4. Leper

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    Good article that in the But, you will get the usual Smoking causes this, that and t'other from nearly every contributor here (which is true, of course and the fags brought into Ireland cause the same diseases too). If anything talks it's money, so let's get in that money in tax that's ours and prevent it going into the foreign coffers.

    Remember the GAA. No foreign games were ever going to be played in Croke Park. Enter IRFU with promises of loads of dosh and suddenly we see our rich boys in green strutting rucks, mauls and lineouts in Croker. We can do the same with cigarettes.