Ticketmaster – How best to get in demand tickets on line ?

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    Steely Dan with the Doobie Brothers as support have announced a second date for the 3Arena in Dublin on 30th Oct, tickets go on sale at 09:00 on Friday.

    I believe the first concert sold out almost instantly, certainly that afternoon when I tried they were all gone.

    Knowing the Ticketmaster system and speed are probably critical.

    I can be on my laptop At 08:45 on Friday ready to go, any advice or tips ?

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    I got tickets for the first gig, logged onto Ticketmaster at 8.55am so was ready to buy at 9am. I didn't experience the problems that others have for very popular gigs.

    Do 3 Ireland still offer advance purchase options (the way that O2 did)?
  3. Brendan Burgess

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    A few things you can do.

    Log into your ticketmaster account before you start.

    If you are at work, try to get a few colleagues in the same room to go online at the same time. Once one gets the tickets you want, then the others stop. But don't stop until they are just about to take payment, as it's not clear that you will get the tickets otherwise.

    If you are trying to get 4 tickets, it might be worth one of you trying for 4 and two others trying for two each.

    If it's all sold out, then try for one ticket. This has worked well for me in the past. Asking for two tickets did not work. But asking for one , twice did. Obviously, you will not be sitting beside each other.

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    I'd second Brendan's advice. And if you can use multiple devices, or different browsers on one device, do that.

    It's worth taking the time to understand what's happening when a high profile event is "sold out in minutes". I thought this video was great in understanding how you might still be able to get tickets:


    I got tickets to Adele in London recently by keeping at it that bit longer.
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    Try the phoneline as well as on-line. That's how I got tickets to a high demand event earlier this year. Make sure that you have your Eircode to hand as it makes it easier.
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    Thanks all for the tips, it’s good to know.

    Got 2 great seats, tickets printed and put away at 09:05.
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    I got 2 very good seats for €272.70 total price, not as good but reasonable seats are still available from Ticketmaster at this price.

    Seatwave a Ticketmaster company offer a facility where those who miss out on tickets can buy from those who supposedly bought and now cannot go. No problem with that, and I would expect to pay a bit more to cover administration charges etc.

    It appears the seller names their price, 2 seats in the block where I bought are currently for sale on Seatwave for a total price of €765.98.

    No problem with a reasonable margin to cover costs but an additional €493.28 in this case.

    Surely this is wrong and should not be allowed. It appears Ticketmaster are effectively facilitating the ticket touts.
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    Tickets went on sale less than 24 hours ago, already 51 are unable to go, and have their seats on Seatwave.
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    Seatwave is connected to Ticketmaster
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    A friend suggested going on the Ticketmaster website from a mobile phone rather than from a laptop for a better choice of concert tickets.

    Out of curiosity I have looked a few times now using both laptop and phone.

    Today on my laptop the best available tickets for Steely Dan on 30/10 in the 3Arena Dublin are in Block A, which are not great seats, I can search again and again, but each time the best available is a different row or seats but still in Block A. Even changing the search criteria, the only available seats from the laptop are Block A.

    At the same time I am looking at the website on my phone and it's offering tickets in Block's A, B, E, G,or F., many of which are far better and the same price as the only offer of Block A from the laptop. :confused::confused:

    Presumably it can be the same for other concerts.
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