Three Start/ptsb "victims" on Today with Seán O'Rourke

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    But he, and RTE, don't care if it is iffy. They're there to sell advertising. Sympathetic, weepy, bash-the-bank stuff, is what sells and keeps listeners happy.
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    Good on you for telling it like it is. You should be aplauded for telling it like it is. I'm sure you do give sympathy when it is applicable.
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    I heard that piece earlier and thought it was a good radio. The other 2 were probably in expecting an easy listening type interview. And then WHAM!
    I calculated at the time that he had to earn 112k to pay 6k in USC, even more than that a few years ago when the rates were higher.

    It's so rare to hear anyone question the current agenda. Fair play
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    @Brendan Burgess
    I can imagine you all went for coffee and a chat after? ;)

    It was a terrible example for them to start with for the topic.
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    Hi Romulan

    But that is why they invite me on. For the contrarian view.

    There is a perceived left wing, grievance industry, bias in RTE. But I think it's the because that is the dominant narrative and they reflect that.

    I got the impression that Seán O'Rourke was taken a bit aback at the start, but he did warm to it and gave me plenty of time. He challenged their nonsense on the vulture funds because he was aware of what the CB said yesterday. Didn't he also point out that the lenders are finding it impossible to repossess properties?

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    They were rushing off into town to launch their report.

    It was a terrible example, but it was not part of their report. It was RTE's decision to add colour and context.

    It was great that Delboy had drawn our attention to this guy when he first appeared some months ago.

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    Does anyone know if the mortgages have actually transferred to Start Mortgages yet, it was supposed to be November.