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    I'm only new here so probably shouldn't be complaining! I do have some experience as a designer. I am a member of domain forum NamePros and they narrowed the width of each post box (the box where the posts appear).

    As it stands the content here appears right across of the width of the page, and it's harder to read.

    If you see all the news sites like BBC, Rte etc the width of each post with the actual content is narrower.

    The ideal with is probably the bloomberg width.

    On NamePros they launched a whole load of stuff on the right-hand side of their forum, which had the effect of narrowing the post-width.

    Hope this helps @Brendan Burgess !
  2. Leo

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    I don't think that look would work here. There would be more overhead in what we publish in the right hand frame, and to most people it would just be noise that would mean they have to scroll more to read the threads. It would also result in more relevant material ending up 'below the fold' which lowers click rates.

    On larger wide-format screens where reading edge-to-edge can become an issue, it's easy to reduce the browser window size to what ever works for the reader.
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  3. Brendan Burgess

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    Hi domainer

    Interesting, I am reading a book at the moment and the page is very wide which does make it a bit difficult.
    But I never found that difficulty on Askaboutmoney.

    You are suggesting that this.


    is easier to read than this:

    BlackRock Inc. is cutting 3 percent of its global workforce, the largest reduction in its headcount since 2016.

    The company will dismiss about 500 employees in the weeks ahead, according to an internal memo viewed by Bloomberg News. The memo didn’t specify which businesses will be most affected.

    Asset managers are under pressure as volatility roils markets and investors have piled into funds with low fees. The industry is also deploying technology across its businesses to reduce costs. State Street Corp., the giant custody bank and asset manager, trimmed its senior management ranks by 15 percent starting Wednesday, Bloomberg reported. AQR Capital Management, the quant

    Personally, I find the 6 lines of Askaboutmoney are easier than the 13 lines of Bloomberg more convenient. Especially if it's a long post, and I want to scroll up and review what they said.

    I will see if it's easy to change the text box size on one of the forums as an experiment.
  4. Brendan Burgess

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    You prefer this from NamePros


    to how it would look on Askaboutmoney

    With thousands of startups needing a name for their new company and many more existing businesses also branching out all the time and needing names for their new line of products and services it seems that brandable domains is one of the areas that could be very beneficial to domainers both old and new and deserves to be explored further.

    Below are a few points of discussion to get this thread started, if I have left something important out please let me know so that it can be added to them. If you have any tips or advice about brandable domains please feel free to share them with the rest of us.

    1-What is a brandable domain.

    2-How many different types of brandable domains are there and is one type better than the others.

    3-What makes a brandable domain stand out amongst thousands of others.

    4-What is the optimum length for a brandable domain, how long can a brandable domain be and still qualify as being a good choice.

    5-What types of brandable domains are most desired by startups and existing businesses.

    6-What is the best way to find brandable domains.

    7-What is the best way to sell brandable domains.

    Attention Newbies: It's probably best to first hear what some of the more experienced domainers have to say about this subject before you consider getting any domains, and even then it's probably best to experiment with just a few domains at a time. You should be able to sell one domain and then use the proceeds from that sale to get more domains, if you cannot even sell one domain then you are doing something wrong and need to adjust your strategy. IMO
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    I still like reading books in hard/soft back format. Easy to navigate, easy flow, and once you find the right thread on AAM, it’s the same for me. Who needs all the pop up stuff, integrated images, etc. Easy to check unread posts, skim through the titles till you find the one you’re interested in, and hey presto, you’re in. Leave as is, it’s great.
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  6. Brendan Burgess

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    What a good solution!

    It would look like this, which might suit some people.

  7. CiaranT

    CiaranT .

    One of the reasons that AAM uses the full length of the screen (on pages such as the main forum page) is that we switched off other Xenforo 'features' (noise) and sidebars such as "who is online" etc. The NamePros page has a sidebar.

    I could probably change the text box size if people would prefer a smaller width.
  8. Brendan Burgess

    Brendan Burgess Founder

    Agree fully but I don't think that is what domainer was suggesting.

    We would reduce the text box size, and there would be blank space on the right hand side. We could fill it, but I don't think we should.

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    I think the current set-up is clear, reads well and should be left alone If you want to get picky about width, you can drag the browser window around and reduce the overall window width and consequently the text box width.
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    I much prefer the current format. Less noise and distractions. I come here to read the posts so would not like sidebars or anything else taking up screen space. On all the posts from Brendan above showing the different approaches, the AskAboutMoney one looks best in all cases imho. As has been pointed out, you can reduce the window size if you prefer narrower boxes.
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