Key Post The Tax Treatment of ETFs for Irish residents

Discussion in 'Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)' started by Brendan Burgess, Aug 26, 2014.

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    Well it means you can reinvest dividends without incurring additional brokerage costs but bear in mind that the dvidend is still taxable as income. Make sure you keep good records as to precisely when, and at what cost, you acquire all shares - you'll thank yourself when you eventually have to make a CGT return.
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    I saw people here recommending de giro their fees are really good but I notice they don't do dividend reinvestment. I have two accounts a US etrade one which is cheap enough $9 per trade with no other charges and a UK selftrade account charges £12 per trade but no other charges also. They both do dividend reinvestment. But if I was to transfer all my shares to de giro it would be expensive as both selftrade and de giro would charge for the transfer. I think all I can do is sell my shares slowly and re buy them with de giro. What about records and statements with de giro are they fairly good as this is important in relation to tax returns