Tesco Laptop Offer

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    RAM can easily be upgraded, see this boards dot ie post
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    Laptops generally dont last as long as desktops as people often have various mishaps such as dropping & loosing them & even getting them wet.They also have a hotter and harder life, than desktops and are far more difficult to repair.Batteries have a limited life.Having said all that,they are very tidy and portable. I bought one lately from Dell At £399 euro and it works OK.
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    some Tesco stores were selling different spec laptops and desktops. Mahon Point were selling a in ferior spec desktop for the same price (799) as Tescos Douglas were selling a better spec.
    It looked like Mahon Point had an older store in the stcokroom compared with Douglas.
    I bought the 799 model (1024 RAM, 160GB harddrive, AMD3200+ processor, DVD dual layer writer, 17inch Philipas flatscreen, included a cheap Lexmark printer) so with half back in vouochers will be 400 only. I checked on Dell beforehand and for 400 quid you were doing very well with the Tesco offer.
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    You can upgrade the RAM, i found the following site very good, there based in Cellbridge. Quick and good value.

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    I am aware of that, was just pointing out that Vista won't run (or even install probably) with the out of the box configuration - the graphics card may even be an issue - do the machines ship with a 'Windows Vista Capable' sticker?
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    a laptop battery is less than EUR100 to replace. if looked after a laptop is as durable as a desktop.
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    Personally I think your better off getting a dell. for an extra 100 euro or so you can get a similar spec.
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    I would tend to agree - Dell's Value Laptop range starts at €519 including VAT and Delivery. At least you know where you stand with Dell after sales. I've bought several Dells over the years and the only problems I have tended to have are due to my installing too much "power software", not problems with the kit.
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    As the Tesco laptops etc bought on special offer last July are now up and running anybody had a problem with them? I know nothing about computers but my children got this laptop for me, set it up with broadband and I'm having endless enjoyment. Just look at all the new friends I have made through 'AAM.' Do we have a Xmas party? Part of the deal with Tesco is they pay for my Xmas shopping in November so I can contribute some wine. It was a great deal.
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    Bring the booze around to my house and I'll be your best mate for the night! :D
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    Is the Tesco offer on laptops still running does any one know?
    Buy for €599 and get rebate etcc
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    No, the special offer re rebate ran for just one week-end only. However, keep a watch on national press - they could repeat it anytime.
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    I bought one of the desktops in Tullamore. After a few days the monitor would not turn on. I brought it back to Tesco, who returned it to Iqon. A replacement Monitor was sent out by courier. PC is working brilliantly and I am a satisfied customer...great value.