Tenant late with rent numerous times.


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Because this is specifically a property Investment forum. If you start talking about ethics, or religion you drag the thread way off topic. While I have empathy for the tenants, it would seem they are establishing a pattern of behaviour thats likely to continue and degenerate. Therefore, it would be best to end the tenancy as soon as possible. Of course the Landlord should stick to the letter of the law and given a valid termination notice. Its obvious that the landlord inexperience was the cause of that.


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I don't know if you are human but if you are please consider the story of the landlord/lady who evicted a family of 6 with one weeks notice over Xmas. How's that, Clubman?
November is not 'over xmas'. The family were not evicted - they themselves contacted the landlord and stated they were leaving.
Would you prefer to have seen the landlord lose the house altogether because the mortgage repayments were not being met - due to the tenants not paying the rent? If that happened the tenants would lose a home AND the landlord would lose an investment.

Any reference to religion or ethics are off topic and irrelevant to this discussion.


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So as regards posters judging my christianity..... is there any chance one of you "judgers" popping me a cheque in the post to cover this months mortgage and possible next months too... ?

no??? aww go on. Be Christian...