Tax residency status on Form 12 after moving abroad


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I was just about to complete my Form 12 online to claim tax relief on some medical expenses paid in 2018 and I moved abroad in May of this year to Canada so I should be due a refund of income tax (I should be entitled to a full year of tax credits even though I moved abroad as per the Split Year Treatment - as far as I can gather?).

Under residency status I think I should enter Resident as I meet the following criteria:

"280 days or more in a tax year plus the previous tax year taken together, with a minimum of 30 days in each year."

I was in Ireland for the full duration of 2017 and around 160 days in 2018. I will remain in Canada for the full duration of 2019.

I just wanted to confirm if my understanding of the above is correct and that I should select a Residency Status of Resident for 2018?


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You are correct on both counts - you can get the split year treatment and you are Irish tax resident for 2018.