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  1. Purple

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    Has anyone been and what does the food cost?
    I'm thinking of bringing the kids on Sunday but if the food is very expensive I won't bother as the greedy little ...people... have expensive tastes.
  2. odyssey06

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    I think you should be able to see all the menus and their prices here:

    1 florin = 1 euro, and you're looking at 6-7 florins for a 'taster' portion... basically a small starter.
    I've been a few times through company social club but wouldn't be paying those prices myself independently.

    The Big Grill in Herbert Park in August is much better value. Tickets are cheaper and for 8-10 tokens\euros you can get a proper amount of grub.
  3. username123

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    We go with work and TBH I wouldnt go otherwise. Expensive enough at about E7 per portion.
  4. cmalone

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    I don't honestly see the attraction - you pay admission then again for each food sample. When you add it up it's c. 40 euro minimum per person and you haven't even had a proper meal! Save it and go to one of the restaurants featured and enjoy in comfort !
  5. Purple

    Purple Frequent Poster

    I didn't bother going.
    Too expensive for what it is.