Taney Green, Dundrum, Dublin14


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Does anyone have any views on Taney green Dundrum? A couple of houses are on sale there at the moment.

3 story but timber frame. What's the likely re-sale value of a timber frame in 5-10 years?


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I don't know the specific houses there but have looked at a number of these newer 3 storey builds and they're not for me. Depending on your stage of life, older not wanting to go up to 3rd floor, younger with kids it might work better having kids on a different floor but might not for you. I also felt they all felt rather narrow.
But location wise they're pretty good and I'd have no worries about timber-framed, aren't most German houses timber-framed?


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timber frame no issue, 3 story houses are fine but have a different feel to single and double story.

Stairs are one issue, but fine if you are fit and healthy! also a 2000 sq foot house over 3 levels feels smaller than over 2 as each individual floor is smaller (although you still have the space if you get me)