Taking in a tenant receiving FIS on rent a room scheme


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Somebody I know well is coming to the end of her rental contract and she feels the landlord may ask for an unaffordable increase.

I am not completely sure of all the benefits this person receives, but they currently rent a house, are on FIS, a single mum and she also works. I know that the benefits she receives pays most/all of her rent of probably in the region of 1000 per month plus whatever other benefits she gets.

I have space where I could rent a room to this lady and another room for the child.

What does that mean for me?

Do I have to be a registered landlord?
Am I still able to avail of the rent a room tax benefit?
Will she be able to make the same benefit claims for the rent?
And bills? (Assuming she gets some form of benefit there)
The house is not set up with all the regulation stuff such as zoned heating etc. So will not reach certain regs.
Anything else I should be aware of?


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FIS now called Working Family Payment is paid to people who work at least 19 hours per week and their wages do not reach the income limit set out to cater for a family of a particular size. Your friend can also claim Rent Allowance and other benefits depending on her particular circumstances. As far as you are concerned Rent a Room Scheme does not require people to register as a Landlord as long as it is just a room/rooms you are renting. However, if you rent a self contained unit you are required to register but up to €14,000 is still tax free. If you rent to someone in receipt of a HAP payment your accommodation has to meet certain standards and you have to provide a Tax Clearance Cert. As far as bills are concerned I am not too sure what your friend may qualify for but if she pays you for food, electricity etc., anything over the €14,000 is taxable. You would probably need to check with your house insurance company if you require Landlords Insurance.


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I think you should have a licensee agreement and a set of house rules.

Femar where are you getting that a self contained unit you have to register for?

Also if she receives more than 14K under rent a room than it's all taxable is my understanding.


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Her being on FIS has nothing to do with you, its not linked to you in anyway. It is not a housing benefit and you, your house etc could not be less connected to it.