Switching to joint assessment

Discussion in 'Tax' started by Sionnach Rua, Jan 8, 2017.

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    Hi there,

    Would anyone be able to assist with a question; in relation to a married couple switching from two people being single assessed, to a joint assessment setup.

    My other half has the option of taking a one-year career break, which we are looking into as childcare has started to impact us heavily, so we are considering the career break option.

    We've been single-assessed since we were married, we simply forgot to look into it previously, so looking to sort this out.

    I'm unsure how the tax setup works, from a pay perspective, if my wife went ahead with taking the unpaid career break. Is there a procedure to ensure that I must run through with the revenue to ensure the revised tax credits are applied to me (when I become the breadwinner)? Is this something that we need to give 'x' months advance notice to the revenue, and/or, my payroll department?

    Any guidance would be much appreciated