Switching mortgage and porting a tracker


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Hi hoping for some advice please .
I have a tracker mortgage with PTSB on an apartment which I'm currently living in . We are looking for a house and have been approved in principle with Haven for 90% @ 3.15% variable. We were happy with this and were going to proceed and hold on to the apartment also and sell it at a later date to avoid hassle of both buying and selling simultaneously.

But PTSB have also offered us the balance for the the new house at their current rates with the outstanding amount on the apartment mortgage at the tracker 0.85% +1%. So to port the tracker to the new house and sell the apartment at the same time.

So my question is if we were to go with Haven for all the mortgage now on the new house is it possible at a later date maybe 1 years time to switch mortgage from Haven and try get the tracker from PTSB moved over from the apartment onto our house? Or am I overlooking something here?

We don't want to sell the apartment before securing a home, as we have no family close by to live with during the process & there are also renovations happening with the Apt at the minute which will be rectified in about a year so it's not looking its best yet for sale.

Any advice would be really welcome guys