Bank of Ireland Switched from BoI - tracker back - now BoI is being awkward


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Hi we are in a similar situation. We received a letter from BOI in Jan 2018. We were with BOI but moved to AIB immediately after coming off a fixed rate as the rates offered by BOI were not manageable for us. We were offered nominal compensation as the period of the interest overpayment was only a couple of months.

With the exception of the initial letter all correspondence with BOI to date has been verbal. It is an extremely slow process. The guy in the bank told my husband that we would have to move back to BOI and they would return the tracker before they would even discuss any repayment of the interest overpaid in the intervening period.

Is anyone else having a similar experience. is the standard approach being taken by banks?

As requested, we sent in an application form for the tracker mortgage and are awaiting approval.

We have been told that the overall case is unlikely to be resolved before the end of the year. I assume that we will have to send in a formal appeal if this is the case as we will only have received the offer of nominal compensation within the 12 month timeline for appeal but I would welcome your thoughts.

Finally we had €15k saved for a car however we lodged this €15k into the new mortgage with AIB a couple of years after changing over to keep the repayments manageable. We still haven't been able to change our car. My husband asked if we would get this €15k back now via the tracker. We were told would have to get mortgage first and then could deal with this as part of an appeal. This seems like an awful lot of hassle does this approach seem reasonable?

Thanks in advance for any comments