Switch UB Credit Cards


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Looking for an answer here hopefully because the Ulster Bank person I rang hadn't a breeze.

I have for many (many) years had a UB Visa credit card which I diligently pay off every month. I am now thinking of moving to their Black Mastercard which raises a couple of questions in my mind: a) how do I terminate the old Visa card if I get the new MasterCard? Its expiry is not until 2023 2) do I have to pay stamp duty on the new card having already paid it on the Visa card for 2020?

(Of course I am assuming that UB will be around for the next few years...).
You should only have to pay stamp duty once per year.

Sometimes evidence is needed with your new provider that you already paid it. But as you are using the same bank that should not be an issue.

Now might not be the right time to be opening new UB products.