Switch From Virgin Media to Sky and back again

Discussion in 'Service Providers' started by HollowKnight, 30 Jan 2019.

  1. HollowKnight

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    Hi all.

    I'm looking to switch from current provider - VM's TV, Broadband and Home Phone - to Sky's TV and Broadband only package. (Saves ~€50 per month)

    After the 12 months expire and Sky hike up the monthly fee, can you simply switch back to VM to avail of whatever plan they have at that time?

    Do VM then treat you as a new customer again?

    I also have VM mobile SIM rolling 30 day contract - it doesn't look like I can save on the particular bill. Will this mean that VM are less likely to treat me as a new customer in 12months?

  2. Zenith63

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    FWIW VM will often give you the New Customer rate if you ring and say you’re leaving... Might save you some messing...
  3. HollowKnight

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    That's good to know actually. I suppose I just need to be willing to actually leave rather than just threaten to do so.
  4. RedOnion

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  5. Frank

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    did the dance with vm a few months back

    the rep did mention i had done this a few times now.
    hint hint we are watching the game.

    got a discount this time alright but may have to move next time