Switch from KBC>PTSB>BOI>EBS.

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    Hi all,

    Currently with KBC with a mortgage remaining of around €269,500 on a fixed rate of 2.65%. Fixed in September so will need to pay a breakage fee of €350 if switching.

    The mortgage is only 1 year and 3 months old so I might not qualify for PTSB due to their 2 year rule but going to chance my arm.

    If I can get PTSB approval I'm thinking PTSB>BOI>EBS and then probably on to UB after 6 months. 2% cashback on each would be a substantial amount even after breakage fees, valuations and solicitors fees. Hoping to find a common valuer between each bank and also bargain with the solicitor.

    Have read most of the threads on this so if there's anything I'm missing or if anyone thinks I should change the switch order let me know.

  2. Sean Og

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    Great to see you being pro active and taking all our advice Aph2016. Yes chance your arm with PTSB and as we have seen else where they might allow you to switch. I would get all the mortgage offers on the table before you do anything. You are right on the valuer and solicitor. Keep us informed how you get on.
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  3. Aph2016

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    I have some doubt on BOI, I was just looking at their online mortgage application and it says the maximum term for switchers is 30 years, we took ours from KBC for 35 years so 34 years left, although it will be paid before then. I guess I will just have to apply and see what they say.
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    I think the banks each hold their own panel of valuers. Do you mind commenting back here if you find any common ones ?
  5. RedOnion

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    The banks publish their valuation panels, so this only takes a few minutes to establish.