Sunday Times Article “Central Bank gave nudge to AIB on tracker”

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Saw the attached article in the paper today. Just wondering if I got the cheque for €1,615 a few years ago am I now one of the 5,900 they are referring to? Is there any way to check or do I have to wait until July/August and hope a cheque lands?

I had a split loan taken out in 2007 tracker and fixed for 3 years? We sold the property a 2 years ago and cleared what was left on both mortgages.

If I am one of the 5,900 they mention a 12% loan write down in the article. At what point in time will the write down be calculated and will they pay us the write down as a cheque because there is no mortgage to write down?

also any idea how the over charged interest would be calculated?

Thanks in advance.


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