Subsistence or country money for Fitters

Discussion in 'Askaboutbusiness' started by Pctips, Jan 5, 2017.

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    I have employees who spend a lot of their time on the road fitting windows. They often have to stay over night.
    They drive company vehicles with diesel supplied. I pay Bed & breakfast if they have to stay overnight.
    Is there any tax free payment that they are able to be paid? I have read up on country money and they are not entitled to the weekly allowance because I pay the above.
    Would they be entitled to the civil service day rate or night allowances? I cannot find clarification on this topic anywhere. Do they even fall within the guidelines to use civil service rates at all or is it just country money that they fall under???
    I would appreciate any advise please.
  2. Nutso

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    If you are paying for bed and breakfast, they should be allowed other subsistence day allowances - i.e. the 5 or 10 hour rates depending on how long they are away from their normal place of work.
    I am not sure if these rates would need to be reduced if breakfast is already paid for.