Structural Survey Impact on Mortgage

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    I had a structural survey completed on a house that I have gone sale agreed on. Everything seemed to be in order with the expcetion, that there is not roof or cavity wall ventilation and it is required for building regulations. The house was built in 2005 and they should have been put in place at the time but they weren't.. The house is a bank sale (house reposed). We definitely plan on getting this done as soon as we get the house as we understand that this is quite important...

    My question is, I have been reading that this may have an impact on drawing down the mortgage as the house is not in line with building regulations, does anyone know if this is the case? What could we possibly do?

    Would greatly appreciate any information on this..
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    At the moment, nothing.

    When a survey report I had furnished to the bank showed up some problems, the bank were on to me checking what my course of action would be regarding same. You cant change the outcome of the report. Bad news travels fast. you will soon find out if its an issue with them.