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    Anyone been to Stockholm. Recommend any hotels or serviced apartments ?
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    A couple of years ago I took a trip to a few Northern countries. Didn't have a hotel booked in Stockholm, just arrived off the train from Oslo and went to a nearby hotel. Can't remember the exact price but wasn't cheap. Didn't think it was a whole lot more expensive than Dublin. For the 3rd-5th night we booked a hotel through the tourist office in the train station and that was a bit cheaper but also a bit less central.

    Arrived on a Sunday and noticed that a lot of the pubs seemed to close by 9pm.
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    I used to live in Stockholm but unfortunatley I don't have any particular hotel to recommend.
    If you are looking to treat yourself THe Grand Hotel is a nice hotel but expensive...I know it has a good restaurant too.

    I have the lonely planet guide to Stockholm but there are so many hotels in it I am not going to list them down here. Are you interested in staying near the center (not so many restaurants there but you will be close to central station and main department stores), or in a bit south of the city (more bohemian atmosphere and good choice of pubs and restaurant and near the old town), or to East (residential area but with good choice of restaurants and bars). you are never far from a tube station anyway so it does n't make a big difference which side of the city you stay on.

    If you post back I will write down a few from the LP.

    Generally the prices of hotel are a bit cheaper at the weekend....and in my experience of staying in hotels outside the captial even the cheapest hotels will be clean and of a pretty good standard.

    the pubs are open after 9 on sundays even though they may be a bit quiet.