St Patrick's Day Parade in Dublin

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  1. Erith

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    Has anyone got any useful tips for negotiating the parade in Dublin with kids? I'm thinking particularly about parking and view.
  2. Gordanus

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    leave the car behind or leave it near public transport. get the bus/Luas/DART. Go early and find a good spot. Parnell Square or the hill between Christ Church & St Patrick's Cathedral. Bring snacks and drinks. And write your mobile number on the kids arms!
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  3. Murt10

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    If you have a step ladder, bring it in on a roof-rack or in the car. It works very well. The kids can climb up on it rather than sitting on your shoulders or you lifting them up and down.

  4. brodiebabe

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    Pay 60 yoyos for a ticket to the grandstand.
  5. TarfHead

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    We were in place at a great spot inside the railings of the black Church 11:30. Clear uninterrupted view. Then the Gardai let a whole load of people stand in front of the railings just as the parade was begining :mad:.

    Spent 90 minutes with 4yo daughter on my arm.

    Still, despite that, it was worth it.