AIB Spread the word to encourage others to appeal the €1,615 tracker issue

It's very important that as many people as possible who received €1,615 from AIB in compensation for refusing them a tracker when their fixed rate ends, lodge an appeal.

It's very easy. It takes no more than 5 minutes:

Step by step guide to making an appeal on the AIB €1615 tracker

You can do your bit for the campaign:
  • Tell your friends and colleagues - they might well know someone who got the cheque for €1,615 and didn't know what it was about.
  • Do you know other people who took out mortgages the same time as you did? Ask them are they with AIB and did they get a cheque for €1,615 out of the blue last year.
  • Tweet about it. I am not a big Twitter user so I don't know how to maximise the impact. My tweet on it is here.
  • Talk about it on your Facebook pages
  • Contact your local radio stations - see below
  • Contact your TDs - they have a good circle of people who know about it.
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This is a good example of how one person spread the word. I got a call from Galway Bay FM based on the letter below which led to this interview. It starts at 1.06

It's a very well written letter, so feel free to plagiarise it.

Hi Keith
I am just wondering if you would be interested in discussing this topic with your listeners to make them aware of the issue with AIB and to encourage them to appeal the decision as the closing date is 16 March 2019. I only came across this by accident. The appeal costs nothing.

In March 2018 I received a letter regarding tracker rates. I received a cheque of €1615 saying that they did not offer me a tracker rate and i did not loose out at then prevailing rate and it would have been higher than the standard variable rate. They paid me €1616 in compensation for their service failure.

I read an article just by chance from Brendan Burgees from to encourage as many people to appeal this decision. There are approx 6000 people affected by this. I would love if you would discuss this issue with Brendan Burgees on your show. I don't want to come on because I don't know exactly the correct details. I don't know this man but I heard him speak to Kildare FM a few days ago. He is trying to get as many people as possible to appeal the decision from AIB. He has made the appeal form very simple for everyone.

Charlie Weston also wrote in the Independent on the 18 February 2019 about the legal challenge over refusal to grant tracker mortgages to its customers.

I would be grateful if you would not use my name but just let me know what you think? Keep up the great work.
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And here is an email, you can cut and paste and send to your friends

Subject: Do you know anyone who got €1,650 tracker compensation from AIB?

6,000 AIB borrowers had a right to be offered a tracker at the "prevailing rate" when their fixed rate ended. AIB did not do this, and so were forced by the Central Bank to give them €1,650 compensation for their "service failure". AIB has also offered them a tracker at ECB +3.32% margin.

If anyone has told you that they got a letter out of the blue from AIB with a cheque for €1,650 please forward them this email.

They have a right to appeal this and I am encouraging everyone to do so, so that AIB will know that this particular tracker issue has not gone away.

To make it easy, I have done the following

Step by step guide to making an appeal on the AIB €1615 tracker

If you know anyone affected by it, please send them this link. The deadline is mid March

My argument is that the "prevailing rate" is 1.25% and not 3.32%.

We will be launching a High Court challenge on the issue as well. If successful, it could be life changing for these people.

I have also tweeted about it here:
I will be discussing this issue on Today with Seán O'Rourke tomorrow morning at about 10.30 (time to be confirmed)

If you are free to listen and fancy sending in questions or comments, it might make it more lively.



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Hi all,

we really need to spread the word on this, the more people that appeal the more it highlights the injustice here by AIB. I have emailed several Dublin radio stations and suggest everyone does the same, just copy Brendan's email above, go onto the website and go to contact down the end, obviously change the name from Keith in the mail to hi all or something like that.

Well done on the radio today Brendan



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Just a quick update only one of the 5 local TDs has responded to me so far and they forwarded the request to Michael McGrath who has already raised the issue and emailed me to say he would be raising it again with AIB and the CB at the finance committee next month.


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Couple more TDs got back to me one promises to raise it with the Minister pursue a lifting of the appeal deadline