South Facing or East Facing

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    We are hopefully going to get to build a house on a 3/4 acre site that is bordered by two roads (minor roads, more like lanes) Which aspect would it be best for the front door to face or ultimately is it only the internal layout that really matters. I have a photo of the site layout but dunno how to attach it sorry.
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    My thoughts would be on the layout of the rooms inside, etc. This would influence me on the orientation, etc. You will have to take into consideration what the planners have to say as their choice/permission will be part of the process.
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    The South is the side where you will get light and sunshine & where you can sit outside in the garden or patio. So it's a bit of a waste putting the front door there. I would put the front door at the East - or better still North - and then work out the internal layout so that the rooms where you want sunlight are facing south (for all day light) or west (for evening light). Rooms that don't need so much sun such as bathrooms, front hallway etc should go on the North or East.
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    Internal layout is all that matters !!
    Can you put bedrooms to the west so the morning light does not wake you up !
    Living areas to the south ideally, with any patio to the south/south west
    Front door to east/north

    Any architect worth their salt will be able to orientate the house for you to give you the maximum potential for it !

    Just be wary of east/west winds as it can cause doors to slam !