Soundbar For Samsung TV ?

Discussion in 'Technology' started by whiz, 21 Nov 2018.

  1. whiz

    whiz Frequent Poster

    Hi Guys,

    Can anybody recommend a soundbar for a Samsung TV ?
    Budget would be €100 or less. Any response appreciated.
  2. rob oyle

    rob oyle Frequent Poster

    At that budget, I would suggest a decent PC sound system. Depends what space you have and whether you want surround sound?
  3. iamaspinner

    iamaspinner Frequent Poster

    I have this one connected via optical to my TV. The Bluetooth comes in handy to play music off the phone. I can control it through my TV remote too. Sound is ok in my small living room for someone who respects her neighbours. Don't expect a live symphony orchestra at that price though...