Solicitors fees breakdown querry


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Property. 2 bed apt é310k, Dublin

Commissioners fees 44.00
Stamp Duty at 1% of purchase price 3100.00
Property Registration Authority mortgage fee 700.00
Property Registration authority copy folio and filed plan fee 175.00
Dublin Law Searchers Search fees on closing 40.00
Office Outlays 250.00
Same day banking transfer fee 12.70
Professional solicitors fee for dealing with
property purchase and mortgage 950.00
Total Vat @ 23% 276.00
Total Costs and outlays 5,217.70

Can someone please tell me if these fees I got off of one solicitor seem ok, and what the office outlay is?

Also iof you have a recommendation for a solicitor in Dublin?

thanks you
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They look OK and competitive enough but I would normally rely more on a recommendation. The office outlays are generally phone calls, letters, stamps, company account fees - probably a bit high but his/her fees are cheap at under a grand.