Solicitor to deal with house purchase Co. Kildare or Dublin City Centre

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    I had a bad experience with a solicitor as he told me Fee quoted was an estimate only and then his fee doubled. Can a solicitor state on quote that it is an estimate only? And if anyone could recommend a good reasonably priced solicitor situated in Clane, Sallins, Naas or Dublin City Centre for house purchase I would appreciate it.
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    On your question regarding a fee doubling I would be surprised if he can do this. A solicitor is required by law to issue an engagement letter setting out his charging structure. It is generally called a section 68 letter and the legislation is here . I would ask him for a copy of the signed section 68 letter and he doesn't produce it hold him to his original fee quote or file a compliant with the Law Society. I am aware there has been a legal services act since the 1994 Solicitors Act so I'm not sure if this provision has been superseded. I would imagine if it has been replaced it would be with something equivalent. A quick look at the Law Society website or give them a call and you'll find out.

    I can't recommend any solicitors personally.
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    I can recommend McCormack solicitors in Newbridge. - Barry McCormack

    He initially specialised in conveyancing but branched out during the recession. However conveyancing is still his speciality.

    Not sure about fees, but remember I was very pleased with both the work and the fees on a sale and purchase about 12 years ago.

    Needed some advice recently on commercial property and had a 30min+ duscussion and advice and he refused to charge me.