Solicitor problem



I received a letter from the Law Society saying that the solicitors practice that handled my house purchase 10 months ago has closed. I rang the Law Society and they said as the transaction was 10 months ago we should be able to take the file ourselves - but they'll have to look at the file to be sure all documentation is completed.

It turns out that the "Title of Mortgage has to be registered" whatever that means.

I was informed I will need to employ a solicitor to take up my file and finish the process.

This I assume will cost me money. The thing that really gets me is..............

If my electrician, plumber, plasterer, surveyor, carpeter, etc.etc. etc. left a job unfinished - they would not get paid or I would with hold a percentage of their payment until I was satisfied.

It really annoys me that not only did I pay in full for a service that was in fact not completed, but I now have to pay again to have this service finished off.

Do I have any recourse or place to complain to in this situation?


You should certainly complain to the law society= did they def say you had no recourse? Seems strange...