Social Welfare Cohabiting Rules

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    Hi All,

    I am trying to find information regarding the social welfare rules on cohabiting to put my girlfriends mind at ease and I would appreciate any information you have available, I have scourged the social welfare website but I cannot find any definitive answers.

    I'm in my 30's with a well paid job, I have 2 kids from a past unmarried relationship where I now have the kids most weekends and pay maintenance etc through the bank. I moved back in with my parents almost 2 years ago in order to save for a mortgage.

    My girlfriend of almost 2 years is also in her 30's and has 2 kids from a past unmarried relationship. She works 3 days a week but wouldn't command the same kind of salary I do and so claims a reduced OPF/WFP to top up her income. She is also in receipt of HAP.

    Her fears are that she may lose her entitlements due to our current living arrangements. Usually I would stay over in her house at least 1 night a week when she has her kids and she would stay over in mine one night over the weekend when I have my kids. Every 4-5 weeks we usually have a weekend together where neither of us have the kids, on those weekends its a mix of staying in her house, my parents house or going away for the weekend.

    This time next year I will be ready to buy a 3 bedroom house. We have discussed that if all goes well between us that we will over the course of about a year have her and the kids stay over more and more with the aim to moving in when the time is right. Again on of the worries is that she may lose her entitlements and the process sped up.

    Sorry for the long post and thanks for any help.