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Discussion in 'Welfare and state benefits' started by ChrisKelly, Dec 18, 2016.

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  1. Leper

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    OK, we're brave and we report social welfare fraud to the Dept of Social Protection and we are informed we have anonymity. Does this mean that the alleged fraudster will under no circumstances be given the name of the person who reported him?

    But, then there is Freedom-of-Information. I don't see how the name of those reporting can be hidden from the alleged fraudster or his solicitor.
  2. Jon Stark

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    Then you don't understand how FOI legislation works, as such information obtained in confidence is exempt.

    And just to be clear, allegations made in confidence are not evidence of any wrongdoing; government departments like Welfare and Revenue are well used to receiving erroneous or malicious tip-offs. While all such reports need to be considered, it's up to the relevant body to establish whether there's actually evidence of what's alleged.
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  3. twofor1

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    But Jon Snow can give all this information anonymously, the DSP will investigate, and on the basis of that investigation will withdraw benefit, prosecute, or do nothing at all if the complaint cannot be substantiated.

    With the information Jon has supplied, if it is correct, the DSP investigation team in this case anyway, should easily establish that this family is making fraudulent claims and take whatever action necessary.

    The DSP could never reveal, even under FOI or otherwise who made the initial complaint, if they do not know themselves who made the initial complaint.
  4. moneybox

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    Anonymous wdlfare fraud tip offs up by 60% this year with most of it reported through Dept website. People seem confident enough of their confidentiality in doing so.
  5. moneybox

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    Leper - if you prefer not, you don't even have to give your name or contact details. You basically click on the link above, type in your concerns with as much detail as possible and be off on your merry way.

    So if you just a random stranger filling in an anonymous form on the internet how can you be identified.
  6. PaddyBloggit

    PaddyBloggit Frequent Poster

    Nobody's fully anonymous on the Internet moneybox. Your IP address will tell a lot about you.

    Still, If I was aware on SW fraud, I wouldn't hesitate to report it.
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  7. Gordon Gekko

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    Mother of God...what a thread.

    Then go to an Internet Cafe.

    And if you're worried about NSA video surveillance, wear a disguise.
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  8. Brendan Burgess

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    I have removed all the personalised posts and the responses to them.

    You are wasting your time making or responding to personalised attacks.

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