Social welfare “asking for repayment”


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I got a letter to state that in 2018 I was overpaid illness benefit because they were having “technical issues” while “implementing a new system”.
The sum owed they tell me is €594.
On the letter it gives option to clear in full one off payment, deductions to other payments, or set up a standing order.

Are they allowed contact me looking for money after 4 years?
I’ll obviously sort payment out if I do but the way the letter is worded is a bit weird.
“We are obliged to ASK for a repayment”…

I have no memory of being over paid anything but I won’t dispute that since I was sick at the time and when I went back to work I wasn’t paid for the first month so must have not copped that I shouldn’t have been getting payments.


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They do have this right , I had something similar re a SW over payment, Ironically in the same year. It was not my fault and they clearly accepted it was an error on their behalf . They facilitated a repayment schedule . I don't believe there's any statue of limitations re Revenue or SW liabilities.

Illness benefit a little more complicated on how its determined (payment) but is I believe calculated on previous earnings so how you check or query this , I don't know, perhaps other might have advice on this .


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Not sure what your specific gripe is but to answer your question. Theres no time limit in which they can reclaim an over payment.

You received tax payer money that you shouldnt have received. SW are notifying you of this. After that, its up to you I suppose.


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Compared to Revenue, DSP are very relaxed. They will facilitate a gentle repayment schedule iny experience (without interest).

In the meantime you should write them a letter asking them to explain the overpayment and if there are grounds for appeal.


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Guideanna is getting some flak over an overpayment and she merely asked a question to which the obvious answer is "Yes, you must repay what you have been overpaid."

Most Social Welfare payments are paid after the due date of entitlement and the end date is usually after the date in which the OP ceased entitlement. The refundable amount might be deep or shallow depending on Guideanna's means. But, it must be repaid and little consolation to Guideanna concerning massive overpayment (€550,000+to a certain Mr O'Callaghan in Cork where no money is being repaid and he continues to cost the state more serving his prison sentence.

It is likely that Ms Guideanna paid tax on her Social Welfare award and perhaps she is entitled to a refund of this. She will have to take up the matter with Revenue.


Guideanna is getting some flak over an overpayment and she merely asked a question to which the obvious answer is
With all due respect, with the OPs use of quotes and emphasis, I thought the question was more towards whether the letter was genuine or not AND whether the sender was genuinely seeking a refund or attempting to make a gain for themselves within the department. But we can't hear tones or see facial expressions when reading here (yet).


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€600 is an awful lot to pay back at one go if you don’t have €600. So you can contact them and ask for a repayment plan. €5 a week would take over 2 years to payoff.

You can ask them to explain in simple language why you were over paid.

Why were you not paid for a month when you went back to work? Do you normally get paid weekly? Were work deducting the SW payment from your wages? Maybe you would be entitled some money back from work. I am not trying to give you hope because I might have misread your post totally, but if your wages and SW payments were linked it may be relevant.