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What's an average price for skip hire in Dublin? I'm sure I've seen some posts about this in the past but the search link on this site doesn't even pretend to work for me.




There are various sizes with matching prices - mini, midi and standard. As far as I remember (costed but never got one) standard for 3 days cost €250. you can ring around but I found that I rang 3 different companies, different numbers and got though to same company! So it looks like they are all the same operating under different names.


Ask about the weight limit

Not sure if this applies to everyone but my experience.......
We got a quote for standard skip, thought great, filled it to the brim but the price quoted was for one tonne, it cost us double as we had 2.4 tonnes in it and really had no idea how much it weighed until the bill arrived.

One tip - If you have loads of stuff, see if you can separate out any scrap metal & wood & bring them to a recycle centre, if there is one in your area......


In Naas it's 400 euro for a large skip, no weight limit. I'd guess the price would be similar in Dublin.


If you can get your local council to do a 'junk collection' it can be done for nothing. They don't take rubble/waste paint etc. but almost everything else. I understand that some councils have a small charge.

They used to do these on a regular basis in days of old but can be nagged into doing one by possibly residents associations/local councillors. Well worth the effort.


did anyone ever use "the man with a van" to clear out their shed etc....skips are very expensive....does anyone know of a legal "man with a Van" waste removal???

and how much they cost?


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Got a standard skip from A1 Waste ( a few weeks back, 200 euro special Saturday rate.


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I can heartily recommend Key Waste who I used to clear out a house. I've been meaning to post for ages as I was so pleased with them. Neville, who owns or runs the place, was very helpful and arranged the skip a Saturday as I was busy during the week.

They charged 450 + 13.5% vat for a 12 cubic yard truck and a few guys to do all the lifting and carrying and ripping out. Nothing was too much trouble for them and they were very careful in checking with me what to keep and what to ditch. They even chopped up wardrobes and bulky items to make efficient use of the space. The rates are negotiable if you have more or less than a truckful. I was also pleased that they took the trouble to group the junk by type e.g. wood/metal/glass so they could recycle it. Then the whole lot is taken away so you're not left with a skip on your driveway.

I have not connection with them except as a very satisfied customer who would use them again!

They also do normal and bag skips.

Key Waste Mgmt Ltd
Clondalkin Commercial Park
Cloverhill Rd
Dublin 22

Tel : 01-4299846
Fax : 01-4138611


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Got a standard skip from A1 Waste ( a few weeks back, 200 euro special Saturday rate.
beware of the collection delays with some the mentioned here. If you're skip is near the street it can collect a lot of extra rubbish ( it just seems to be what people do ) you may be liable for litter around the skip.

We currently have a neighbours skip at the end of our lane, the skip has 3 feet high sides but 6-7 feet at least of rubbish in it - growing by the day and making one hell of a mess ... :(

I wonder who is liable - anyone know?