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Hi...just looking for a steer. I built a house myself on family land with full planning a number of years ago. The house took nearly 4.5 yrs to built as it was a self build in every sense. I built it from savings and a redundancy payment. The site was not signed over to me at the time. I am now trying to rectify my affairs after a recent health scare.
I read on revenue website in the examples category that I can transfer the site from my father to myself at the 2020 Stamp duty rate , as I built the property from my own funds. They essentially ignore the house and base the stamp duty on the market value of the site today. That was my interpretation ? Am I right ?
Just want to get an idea if anyone knows exactly what will be required, don't want to mess it up any further .
I know I will need to get an accountant and two solicitors (1 for me and 1 for father ) and a valuation and engineer to mark up the maps etc. I suppose I just want to have an idea of whats required before talking to all these people.
Thanks in advance